Rage 2’s Next Update Arrives Next Week Rage 2’s latest update will come out on July 25th and it’s going to add three new gameplay modes: New Game Plus, Ultra-Nightmare difficulty, and an Ironman mode.READ MORE

Starting on October 4, Nintendo is selling two sold-separately sets of new colors of Switch Joy-Con controllers – Blue/Neon Yellow and Neon Purple/Neon Orange, adding to its existing Joy-Con neon color series. Each set has theREAD MORE

Nintendo recently announced the smaller Switch Lite, but the regular Switch is also getting an upgrade. Switch consoles model number HAC-001(-01) feature an average of at least two extra hours of battery life over the current versions. TheREAD MORE

Get ready to make your October a little more spooky. Today Nintendo revealed that Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be hitting Switch on October 31. Luigi’s Mansion 3’s release date buffs out a year already packed with SwitchREAD MORE

Astro Bears Review Astro Bears is an inexpensive party game perfect for family gatherings featuring bears in spacesuits. It is the sort of game where even you can play against your 50-year-old mother and noREAD MORE

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Workers Striking Could Seriously Hurt the Business Giant in the Future  Amazon workers across the world are starting the begins of a strike. Warehouse workers from the United States and Europe have all started strikingREAD MORE

In the early 2000s, World War II shooters were hugely popular. Franchises like Battlefield 1942, Call of Duty, Wolfenstein, and Medal of Honor all delivered multiple successful titles during this span. Eventually, so many WWIIREAD MORE

Blizzard has once again brought back their yearly summer games event for Overwatch, which focuses on both beach time and fun and Lucioball in different measures. This year tends to focus a bit more onREAD MORE

There’s a very easy argument to be made that 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, the somewhat 1980s-aesthetic mishmash of Hulk and Thor stories, is the best superhero movie of the modern era. Part of its critical acclaimREAD MORE

FoxNext’s mobile game continues to grow its massive roster of collectible Marvel characters. We already knew Mysterio was coming to Marvel Strike Force, but details were scarce outside of a teaser gameplay video from theREAD MORE