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PREPARE TO FRIENDSHIP: Dtoid’s Master Gaming Contact List

[Pandas, nocturnal by nature, are heard, but rarely seen. Truly majestic in their elegance, to see one is to be blessed until the end of one’s days. …I might be a bit sick right now. The List will continue being updated as long as there is a use and demand for it.  -Panda] Good morning/afteroon/tomorrow, my Friends/Robots/Gardevoir/-Current Dtoid Meme Here- …

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Why Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III Were Announced Early

After its announcement in 2013, Kingdom Hearts III is finally going to be released in 2019. And while the E3 Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement was exciting, it looks like it’s not going to be released for a while. Is Square Enix just bad at planning? Or are they teasing fans on purpose? According to Tetsuya Nomura, who is directing …

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Microsoft’s New Studios Might Help Them in the Future

One of the biggest takeaways from Microsoft’s E3 conference this year was their indisputable long-term commitment to the gaming market. With the acquisition of four studios and opening of a fifth one, they effectively doubled the size of their first party. NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella believes that the move will help Microsoft’s sales performance, which has been lagging behind Sony …

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The second season of Netflix’s Castlevania is out ‘later this year’

We know that Netflix’s Castlevania show is getting a third season according to one of its principle cast members. But wait, there isn’t a second season yet! That’s coming still, apparently, according to the show’s writer Warren Ellis. We still don’t have a date yet, but Ellis states that “season 2 will be eight episodes long, out sometime later this year” on …

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Overkill’s The Walking Dead is Rough Around the Edges

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Preview At E3 2018, I had the grisly privilege of stabbing zombies in the face with a spear in Overkill’s The Walking Dead. While the gameplay doesn’t entirely reflect the magnificence of the trailers, I had a fair amount of fun cooperatively facing hoards of undead. From Overkill Software, a Starbreeze studio with Skybound Entertainment, 505 …

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Bro of Marketing, Pete Hines, Assures Elder Scrolls VI Is Not Multiplayer

Bethesda Isn’t Parting From Single-Player Games The Elder Scrolls VI was finally announced at E3 2018, announced in the same year Fallout became an online experience. Many fans thus expressed concern that the next mainline iteration of the Fantasy RPG would include online features of sorts. Fortunately, Bethesda VP of Marketing Pete Hines assured that will not be the case. It seems …

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