PUBG’s Update 4.3 Adds New Content and Features The newest update for PUBG adds a new shotgun, the DP-12, as well as a Mega Energy Drink and a Bluezone Uplink. The Uplink can be usedREAD MORE

Hunt Your Way Through Sinister Louisiana After an impressive showing at GDC, Crytek’s latest release Hunt: Showdown is now live. Hunt: Showdown is an atmospheric online multiplayer bounty hunting game set in Louisiana in 1895.READ MORE

Don’t Get Rusty Fans learned quite a bit from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta recently. In addition to the different modes across the two different beta weeks, dataminers took this time to pokeREAD MORE

Plus Bug Fixes Of Course The most recent Remnant update includes so many things! Leto’s Lab comes with new armour, some fresh bug fixes, and a brand new dungeon. If you’ve been looking for aREAD MORE

I am the night. The Fortnite. Epic Games has been hinting at a Batman crossover for a few days now (hard to hide it with data-mined information on Batman-themed items in the store, as wellREAD MORE

Hours of Offline Fun Project Resistance, that wacky 4v1 multiplayer game set in Raccoon City, is also getting single player content. In particular, this offline mode will contain the game’s story. Is anyone else surprisedREAD MORE

A Suspect Behind World of Warcraft DDoS Attacks Has Been Apprehended After World of Warcraft got hit with several Distributed Denial of Service attacks earlier this month, Blizzard worked with authorities to find the sourceREAD MORE

Ori and the Blind Forest Launches on the Switch Later This Month Action-platformer Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition isn’t coming out on the Nintendo Switch until September 27th but Switch users can tryREAD MORE

NBA 2K20 Review I once believed my trail of destiny led to the National Basketball Association. A natural conclusion for a 5’5” kid from the suburbs of Northern Georgia who couldn’t make his high schoolREAD MORE

Afterparty Finally Gets a Release Date Afterparty, an adventure game about a hellish barcrawl, is coming out on October 29th for Xbox One, PS4, and the Epic Games Store (for PC & Mac). It’s alsoREAD MORE

No More Ghosts Stuck in Walls After a closed beta, Ubisoft has announced that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will have an open beta on September 24th. Players were very vocal about changes they were looking forREAD MORE

Steam Early Access Releasing Infinity: Battlescape Next Week After successfully Kickstarting their project, developer I-Novae is ready to release Infinity: Battlescape next week on Steam Early Access with the intent to further develop the gameREAD MORE