If you’re like me, you probably go back and play Shovel Knight all the time. It’s pretty fun! But hey, we like new stuff too, so Yacht Club Games is potentially revealing some shiny, fun things next WednesdayREAD MORE

For a second, I didn’t believe that the below video really was a Minecraft creation, but it all becomes clear. So here’s the thing: it looks like they’re just showing footage of Metroid Fusion. But atREAD MORE

COGconnected Down for Maintenance Starting Wednesday Hi Folks, we apologize for the inconvenience but we’ll be down for some much-needed maintenance on 2020-02-19. Also during this time, we’ll be migrating to a new server. TheseREAD MORE

A Most Auspicious Honor Sony is giving away exactly one legitimate, actual platinum trophy as part of this year’s PlayStation Player Celebration. There will also be avatars and themes being given away, but neither ofREAD MORE

Amid Rumors, Nintendo is Doing a New Horizons Direct Soon Nintendo has officially announced that they’ll be sharing more information about Animal Crossing: New Horizons during a Direct on Thursday morning. The 25-minute livestream will coverREAD MORE

Osiris Confronts Rasputin in New Destiny 2 Cutscene A new Destiny 2 cutscene came along with the weekly reset and it has players excited for the game’s next season.. The scene depicts a meeting between twoREAD MORE

Dreams Review It’s tough to imagine Media Molecule, developers behind the insanely successful ‘Little Big Planet’ series, were ever going to give us a “traditional” gaming experience. After all, Little Big Planet was built onREAD MORE

Fall 2020 is the New Drop Date for Empire of Sin Fans hoping to get their hands on the XCOM-style prohibition-era turn-based tactics game, Empire of Sin, are going to have to wait a littleREAD MORE

Black Desert’s Battle Royale Shadow Arena Will Have a Beta Shadow Arena, a Black Desert spin-off battle royale game, will have a beta phase at the end of this month. The battle royale was originallyREAD MORE

Outriders Pre-Order Listing Includes Deluxe Edition but No Next-Gen Square Enix has officially listed pre-orders for People Can Fly’s upcoming shooter RPG, Outriders, which includes a deluxe edition that brings bonus content to the game.READ MORE

Leakers of Several Pokemon Secrets Have Been Blacklisted by Nintendo FNintendo, the website behind many Pokemon Sword & Shield leaked information, has officially been blacklisted by Nintendo. The Portuguese website shared many images of Pokemon SwordREAD MORE

Click here to watch embedded media In the first exclusive video from our month of Outriders coverage, Game Informer’s Jeff Cork sits down with game director Bartek Kmita and lead writer Joshua Rubin for repeated shallow dives intoREAD MORE

Spec Ops: The Line Developer and Tencent Working Together Yager recently confirmed that Chinese gaming company Tencent invested in their company, but that the studio will continue to function independently. The investment of an undisclosedREAD MORE