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Starcraft II Premium Fan-Made Maps On The Way

It’s been roughly nine years since Blizzard announced the map marketplace for Starcraft II and the next update will finally make good on the initial promise. Patch 4.3 adds the ability to buy and sell maps to Starcraft Arcade, the map-creation mode where fans have been able to create and share maps among themselves. While these were previously entirely free, …

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Agony Avoids Adults Only Rating By Shifting Content To Optional Patch

Agony, a kickstarted survival horror game, has adjusted some of its content to avoid a higher rating while offering a patch to restore that content on PC. The game has a number of violent kills that the ESRB, the ratings body that applies the content ratings on game boxes, has deemed excessive for a Mature rating. This is not surprising, …

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New Gameplay Today – Frostpunk

Frostpunk is another grim strategy game from the makers of This War of Mine, 11 Bit Studios. This time around, you’re not struggling to keep a community going as a war rages on around you. Instead, you face a far more relentless foe: the cold. Does Leo Vader have what it takes to survive?  This episode, Leo and I are …

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Frostpunk Review – A Frigid, Unrelenting Survival Success

I rule a city in crisis. The next ice age is coming, and people will die as the blizzard worsens. With supplies diminishing and hope fading, discontent sets in and people are talking about my ouster. Backed into a corner, I name myself the supreme ruler, a semi-religious deity whose word is bond. Those who rebel must publicly repent. I …

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The Swords Of Ditto Launch Trailer Is Cute As Heck

The Swords of Ditto, a game that combines old-school Zelda inspirations with modern roguelike-lite mentalities, is out tomorrow, so its launch trailer is here today! You can check out the trailer below with its cute animation explaining the basic concept of the game. Players go through generations of heroes in an effort to get stronger and get more items during …

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God of War Will Easily Crack 10 Million Sold Units, Says Analyst

Michael Pachter Argues That God of War Is Easy to Pick up and Play God of War is out, it’s been out for less than a week, and gamers are praising it more than they ever did the sun. No surprise, considering the critical reception – Sony Santa Monica’s handcrafted experience has reached a historic high of 95 of Metacritic. Still, were …

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