Anti-Bullying CS:GO Group Known as the ‘Bully Hunters’ Might Be a Hoax

The Group Known as the “Bully Hunters” Appears to Have Been Part of a Marketing Ploy

Last week, COGconnected reported on a group of anti-bullying Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players known as the “Bully Hunters”. The group claimed that they were going to fight sexual harassment & bullying in CS:GO but recently it has been revealed that the entire thing may have just been a marketing ploy that involved a Danish company called “SteelSeries“, which manufactures gaming accessories, and an advertising agency in Chicago called “FCB Chicago“. Also, the official website of the Bully Hunters appears to be no longer accessible.

As a result of all this, COGconnected has fully retracted the original story we ran last week and apologizes for not being more thorough in our reporting.

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According to Natalie “ZombiUnicorn” Casanova, one of the hosts for the “Bully Hunters” livestream event, the livestream where they were supposed to combat bullying in CS:GO was actually a scripted event. The scripted event was livestreamed on Twitch last Thursday but the link to the stream no longer works.

SteelSeries denied on Facebook that they were the main backers of the Bully Hunters and that this whole thing was just a marketing scheme to sell headsets, saying that “BullyHunters was not a viral campaign stage-managed by us.”

“We did not hire a marketing agency to create it,” their statement continued. “We didn’t have anything to do with its execution, content or messaging. And more importantly, we would never take advantage of an issue like bullying to sell hardware. They asked us to supply some headsets, support the call for positive change, and we did.”

SteelSeries also made these denials about their level of involvement in the Bully Hunters campaign on Twitter.

Casanova claimed during a livestream on her Twitch channel last Saturday that she was merely “brought on as a consultant” for the Bully Hunters campaign last October and claimed that she had no other role in the campaign aside from that. Casanova also claimed to have proof that SteelSeries was more involved in the anti-bullying campaign than they’ve let on.

Several sponsors of the Bully Hunters have withdrew their support for the group and each of them have released statements that distanced themselves from the group.

Abbey Sager, the founder of one of those former sponsors, tweeted that the Bully Hunters event was ran by FCB Chicago. Also an eSports host named Richard Lewis has tweeted that the advertising agency would be “taking full ownership for the creation of the campaign” in an upcoming statement.

Last Thursday, before withdrawing their support from Bully Hunters, SteelSeries tweeted that all of the proceeds gained from the sales of their limited edition “Bully Hunter” headsets would be sent to the Times Up movement.


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Anti-Bullying CS:GO Group Known as the ‘Bully Hunters’ Might Be a Hoax


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