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Tomb Raider Is Getting Its Own Barbie Doll Inspired by Lara

Coming to You Before the Upcoming Tomb Raider Film It was long overdue, but Mattel has revealed a new Barbie inspired by a video game character. To be specific, Mattel has revealed a new Tomb Raider Barbie based on Alicia Vikander’s portrayal. Here’s a version of Lara Croft, inspired by the upcoming film. The upcoming Tomb Raider film itself is inspired by the ... Read More »

Dragon Age's Mike Laidlaw Opens Up On Why He Left BioWare

On the latest episode of The Game Informer Show podcast, we interviewed Mike Laidlaw about his career at BioWare and why he decided to leave the studio after 14 years. In the discussion, we cover lessons that he learned during his time as a writer and creative director on projects like Dragon Age: Inquisition (that he’ll also be covering in ... Read More »

EA Play Will Return in June for E3 2018

EA Play Attendees Will Be Able to Play the Next Battlefield  Electronic Arts have confirmed that they will be hosting another EA Play event for this year’s E3 — or rather right before E3. Fans will be able to snag tickets for free this Spring to see and play some of the biggest EA games of 2018. It will run ... Read More »

Final Fantasy XV Will Continue to Add DLC Until At Least 2019

Four More DLC Episodes Coming Throughout 2018 and 2019 Final Fantasy XV just doesn’t seem to know when to quit, does it? According to a new interview from Dengeki Online, Final Fantasy XV’s DLC roadmap extends all the way into 2019. The interview is with director Hajime Tabata and game designer Takefumi Terada where they discuss the future of Final Fantasy ... Read More »

Payday 2 Nintendo Switch Review – Payback’s a Switch

Payday 2 Nintendo Switch Review It’s been five years since Payday 2 was first unleashed onto the world and now Starbreeze has seen fit to port the first-person heist simulator over to the Nintendo Switch. Payday 2 for Nintendo Switch includes all the content included in other versions, with some Switch exclusive content, providing the most content-complete version available. This is ... Read More »

Nintendo Cleans House At 21st Annual D.I.C.E. Awards

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has already had an impressive run of awards, including being named Game Informer‘s 2017 Game of the Year. Nintendo’s latest success story added more accolades at the 21st annual D.I.C.E. Awards, taking home four more trophies. The upstarts at Studio MDHR also had a night to remember, racking up three awards for ... Read More »