New Pink Mercy Overwatch Skin Benefits Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Blizzard has announced a new Mercy skin, appropriately titled Pink Mercy, is available today with all 100% of proceeds going toward the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The announcement was made today via video with Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan explaining the urgent need for more funding for breast cancer research. Breast cancer, Kaplan explains, is the most common form of cancer that affects women worldwide. You can check out the video below.

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In addition to the skin, which costs $14.99 but goes entirely to charity, there is also a Pink Mercy shirt being sold on the Blizzard store for $30. Blizzard will also be hosting charity streams that will net you prizes like four unique sprays and a player icon for watching.

The Pink Mercy skin is only available until May 21, so those who want it should act fast.


Our Take
The price is definitely high for a skin, but I like the look of it and it’s easy to consider it a donation to a good cause with a free skin rather than an expensive skin which happens to go to charity.

New Pink Mercy Overwatch Skin Benefits Breast Cancer Research Foundation


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