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The Sports Desk – This Isn't The End Of Pro Evolution Soccer

Konami recently announced it is ending its 10-year licensing relationship with UEFA’s Champions League – a loss for the company’s Pro Evolution Soccer versus its license-rich, rival franchise FIFA. On the surface this may seem like a big blow, but I actually think this isn’t a huge loss for the series. WHAT WAS THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE BRINGING TO PES? I’d rather PES have …

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New Gameplay Today – 39 Days To Mars

All right. Let’s get weird! In today’s NGT episode, Matt Miller and Leo Vader team up in the co-op game 39 Days to Mars, which features a pair of weirdos and their convoluted, puzzle-filled lives. Their goal? Why, to go to Mars, of course. Watch the episode below to see the game in action, including unnecessarily convoluted ways of getting …

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Apocalyptic Murder Mystery Omensight Launches This May

Save The Priestess, Save The World Sometimes you’re too late to prevent a murder from happening. In cases like that, all you can do is go back in time, right? Omensight looks to give you that chance when the game launches this May. Also, said murder is a harbinger of the end of the world. So, no pressure, right? Omensight …

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Ranking Every Far Cry Game

Go to exotic locations. Embrace the countryside. Behold the beautiful wildlife. Kill a lot of people. These are the pillars of Ubisoft’s beloved open-world shooter series Far Cry, and now that our editors have had enough time to play through the latest game, we’ve put these murderous tourism simulators through their paces to figure out which one is the top …

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The Easter Eggs And References Of Spider-Man

Spider-Man is going to be full of references to his long history and past Spider-Man stories. Some references and Easter eggs will be obvious, but others will be more subtle. We’ve talked about a number of these references already in our coverage of the game so far, but wanted to put everything we saw into one place, and also talk …

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Summer Games Done Quick 2018 Schedule Released

The programming schedule for Summer Games Done Quick, the annual speedrunning event that runs through games quickly for charity, has been released. This year, the event begins with Banjo-Tooie on Sunday, June 24 and ends with Final Fantasy VI as the closer on June 30. In the middle, you’ll find things like Pikmin 3, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, …

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