New Overwatch Lore Might Hint At New Hero

At the beginning of the year, Blizzard announced they were hard at work on a new hero for Overwatch. A picture of a small bit of backstory might be hinting at who that hero could be. In the tweet from the Overwatch account, the caption reads “[DECLASSIFIED] After-Action Report: Operation ‘WHITE DOME’.” The actual text says: Strike team under the ... Read More »

Dragon Ball FighterZ Preparing Two Patches To Fix Online Issues

Bandai Namco have announced two patches to hopefully iron out issues the game has been having with online matches.  The two major issues, an inability to match with other players in Ring Match and getting disconnected from the lobby, will be the focus for a patch at the end of February. Bandai Namco producer Tomoko Hiroki says, however, that one ... Read More »

Sonic the Hedgehog Film Set for 2019 Release

Sonic the Hedgehog Is Coming to the Big Screen SEGA and Paramount Pictures have reached a final agreement to co-produce a Sonic the Hedgehog movie. It is a live-action CG animation film that hits the United States on November 15, 2019, followed by international release. The movie is part of the expansion of the Sonic the Hedgehog IP, which seeks ... Read More »

Konami is Charging $10 For a Second Save Slot in Metal Gear Survive

We Aren’t Kidding, Metal Gear Survive is Charging You For a Save Slot Earlier today, we told you how Konami prohibits anyone from using Metal Gear Survive as a dating service. We also already knew that Metal Gear Survive would include microtransactions. Well, the news doesn’t get any better for fans who picked up a copy of the game yesterday. Today, we learned that Konami ... Read More »

Final Fantasy XV Content Roadmap Extends To 2019

According to an interview from Dengeki Online, Final Fantasy XV’s roadmap of DLC episodes will continue until at least 2019. In the interview, director Hajime Tabata and game designer Takefumi Terada discuss the current three-episode plan for the remainder of 2018, starting with the announced Episode Ardyn. While working on that, Tabata realized they wanted to do more content for ... Read More »

How Two Artists Illegally Scanned An Egyptian Artifact With Kinect

The Xbox 360 version of the Kinect was not exceptional at performing its base functions. However, artists Nora Al-Badri and Jan Nikolai Nelles defied the odds in October 2015 by steathily using the device to capture a near-perfect 3D replica of Nefertiti, and they have been curiously public about their actions since. Eurogamer‘s video editor Chris Bratt got in touch with ... Read More »

GI Show – Metal Gear Survive, Rainbow Six, Mike Laidlaw Interview

Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! On this episode, Ben Hanson is joined by Joe Juba, Elise Favis, and Suriel Vazquez to talk about the shocking state of Metal Gear in a post-Kojima world, the bizarre and impressive Assassin’s Creed Origins Discovery Tour mode, the future of Rainbow Six Siege, and much more! After some great community emails, we’re ... Read More »

Roverwatch: Check Out The Overwatch Cast Redrawn As Dogs

We already know that Overwatch would make a great fighting game, but who knew that a crossover between Overwatch and Nintendogs could be so adorable? Artist Lily Nishita celebrated Overwatch’s Year of the Dog by turning each character into a canine counterpart. She even made Hanzo seem like a good boy, although he’s probably going to rummage through the garbage ... Read More »

Director Joss Whedon Steps Away From Batgirl Movie

As previously reported by Variety earlier last year, Batgirl was set to receive a standalone movie connected to the cinematic DC universe, and it would be helmed by Avengers and Buffy The Vampire Slayer director Joss Whedon. The film was to be based on Babara Gordon’s initial comic debut from 1967, where she donned the cowl to save the dynamic duo ... Read More »