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Arika shares footage of Fighting EX Layer running on a PS4 Pro

Arika is the Little Engine that Could. No one thought that Skullomania would be returning to the big time anytime soon, but Arika has made it possible by way of Fighting EX Layer on PS4. Soon, actually, on June 28! While you wait, the company just put out a PS4 versus PS4 Pro comparison video that mostly looks the same. …

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5 Reasons Why We Are Super Hyped for Rage 2

Rage 2 is The Real Deal Thanks to Walmart Canada, we all found out about Bethesda’s Rage 2 earlier than expected. It was the sequel nobody asked for but now, it’s become the sequel everyone wants. With over-the-top characters, big ass guns, a bangin’ soundtrack and a gameplay style we only see in Bethesda shooters, Rage 2 is oozing with …

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GameStop in talks with private equity firms over possible buyout

High street video game retailer GameStop has confirmed it is currently in talks with various parties over a possible buyout, hoping to find an answer to ongoing financial woes. The news comes at the end of a turbulent time for the retailer, who recently lost their new CEO, Michael Mauler, after just three scant months in the job. The company …

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Mega Man 11 Impeccably Blends the Old School with the New

Mega Man 11 Preview I’m a long time fan of Mega Man. The original Mega Man X on SNES was my introduction to the franchise, and I’ve since played every version of that same game that has been subsequently released. I’ve dabbled in the mainline series via Legacy Collection 1 and 2, but my heart lies with the X series. …

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