Major Changes Coming To Overwatch PTR With Hanzo, Sombra, And More

In the Lunar Year event patch that brought along changes to Doomfist and Reaper, subtle ones intended for Overwatch’s public test realm made their way into the update that brought significant tweaks to Sombra, as principal designer Geoff Goodman broached in the official forums. He also discussed Blizzard’s recent experimentation with new abilities and alterations to Hanzo’s kit. With revelations ... Read More »

SEGA Is Giving Freebies to Anyone Who Plays Their Games

Participate in the Make War Not Love Community Event It’s Valentine’s day, which means it’s time for war. Brace yourself for the “Make War Not Love” community event, sponsored by SEGA. Your participation lets you earn free game content at DLC at no cost. What do you have to do? You have to play games, dear player. Behold The Unusual Suspects. ... Read More »

For Honor Surpasses 7.5 Million Players, 1 Million Unique Players Monthly

For Honor continues to grow its player base. Ubisoft recently revealed that this medieval-themed, close-combat title has amassed more than 7.5 million players in total, along with 1 million unique players each month. It’s also For Honor’s anniversary today, having released exactly a year ago. In a recent Ubisoft earnings call, the publisher brought attention to For Honor’s success, stating ... Read More »

The Secret Details Behind Metro Exodus' New Guns

With Game Informer’s new cover story on Metro Exodus, we cover a lot of ground and explain the biggest changes that the series is making with the upcoming sequel. One of the most interesting aspects of previous games are the guns. This time around, not only will players be given more crafting options and the ability to clean their weapons this ... Read More »

First Images of Sea of Thieves’ Kraken Boss Battle Leak Online

Here Comes the Kraken in the Open-World MMO There has been a lot of talk lately about Sea of Thieves, thanks to the beta. But most especially, it’s been a huge topic since the latest announcement from Xbox Game Pass. More Xbox One players are hopping on to the nautical bandwagon, and the gameplay details have only enticed more. Well, it’s about ... Read More »

Sea of Thieves Developer Explains 4 Player Party Limit

Sea of Thieves’ 4 Player Party Limit Has a Specific Purpose With Sea of Thieves’ release date fast approaching, some gamers are questioning the low party size in the beta. In response, developer Rare (who crated classics like Donkey Kong Country, Goldeneye 007,and Perfect Dark) explains their reasoning behind the decision. According to lead designer Mike Chapman, the small party ... Read More »

Drink To Your Heart's Content In Gwent's New Draft-Based Mode

CD Projekt Red has announced via a recent Twitch livestream that its card-based game, Gwent, will grant players the opportunity to face off against Gaunter O’Dimm, The Man of Glass in a fresh Arena mode. While entering into a match with the intimidating opponent will cost 150 ore ($1.99) each time, players are guaranteed to receive a Keg by the ... Read More »

Monster Hunter World Continues Dominating Japanese Charts

Monster Hunter Reigns After Three Weeks We are into the third week of Monster Hunter World’s lifespan, and today just happens to be Wednesday, the day Media Create releases its weekly chart numbers in Japan. Also, it just happens to be Valentine’s day, so the latest numbers may prove that this is a worthwhile game to gift a loved one. Just ... Read More »

Third Edition Launching BioShock Book Tomorrow

The next book from Third Editions focuses on BioShock and releases tomorrow. Through 192 pages, the central focus of BioShock: From Rapture to Columbia pores over the various processes each game went through in development. It details how elements such as the design, themes, music, influences, and stories came together, as well as “revealing anecdotes,” Third Editions says. The hardcover ... Read More »