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Frostpunk Review – Glorious Presentation Littered With Torturous Decisions

Frostpunk Review From developer 11 bit studios, Frostpunk is a complex strategy survival experience that forces the player to make grave, moral decisions that will weigh heavily upon the immersive gamer. Set in a not too distant future, an apocalyptic event has caused an unending winter to strike the world, leaving England in the grips of a perpetual ice age. …

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We Played Two Hours Of Detroit: Become Human, Here Are Our Thoughts

Director David Cage and his team at Quantic Dream like to take risks, not all of which have paid off. In a way, it’s encouraging to see a team constantly push the boundaries of interactive storytelling, but this boldness has also certainly brought controversy and criticism. Even so, Quantic Dream never dials back, and Detroit: Become Human is its most …

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The Demo for Detroit: Become Human Is On the PlayStation Store

If You’re a PS4 Owner in New Zealand Then You Can Download It Now! The demo for Detroit: Become Human, an interactive adventure game about androids in a futuristic Detroit, is currently available on New Zealand’s PlayStation Store. “Get a glimpse of the android revolution of tomorrow in this action-packed demo for Detroit: Become Human,” the demo’s PlayStation Store description …

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Here’s How Kratos’ Axe Recall in God of War Works

The Leviathan Axe’s Recall Feature Had to Go Through a Lot of Work The Leviathan Axe in God of War has been lauded as one of the best parts of the game’s combat and being able to recall Kratos’ axe just adds to the game’s stylish flair. However, the game’s developer, Santa Monica Studio, had to go through a lot …

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H1Z1 Pro League Tournament Kicks off in Las Vegas This Weekend in Spectacular Fashion

H1Z1 Pro League Tournament Kicks off With a Bang  Seventy five competitors face outwards at an energetic audience; the entire crowd glued to the ten enormous monitors broadcasting the fast-paced game. The players are unfettered by all of the cameras and roaming multicolored lights in their face, remaining laser focused on the task at hand. On a state-of-the-art stage that’s …

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Runbow’s PS4 and Switch Release Slightly Pushed Back

Just a Few More Weeks, Is All Runbow, the Wii U party game that turns color-changing into an advanced aggression and elimination tactic, will be just a little bit longer in coming to modern consoles. Hopeful and/or curious players will have to hold on for just a bit longer before getting their hands on this frantic indie gem. We don’t …

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