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Journey Into Hell This May With Horror Game Agony

Agony, an upcoming first-person horror game set in hell, is releasing next month. You make your way through the frightening underworld with the use of special abilities that allow you to control other beings and possess demons as you attempt to find the mythical Red Goddess. The new release date was announced via a trailer, which you can view below.  …

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Nintendo Is Selling Labo Replacement Parts

We’re still putting together our full thoughts on Nintendo Labo, but so far, senior editor Kyle Hilliard says he’s enjoying his time with the DIY cardboard/software hybrid. Because there are quite a few small cardboard pieces, though, it can be easy to lose them. If you end up damaging or losing certain cardboard components from one of the kits, Nintendo …

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PUBG Creator Says Bigger Maps May Be on the Horizon

The Creator of PUBG Is Considering More Map Variety to the Fight  Just yesterday PUBG Corp. announced their intention to address the current weapon imbalances that find majority of players choosing an assault rifle over all others. While no date was given for the big update, this comes alongside Brendan Greene’s statement about bringing bigger, and maybe even some smaller, …

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Jessica Nigri Looks Absolutely Stunning in Skyrim Cosplay Music Video

Jessica Nigri is Smokin’ Hot in Skyrim Cosplay Video  Every weekend we celebrate the best in cosplay. Whether it is some pics from Mariah Millad, who is a gorgeous plus-sized model who is taking the cosplay world by storm, or some amazing God of War cosplay, we always try to share with you the best cosplay from around the globe. A …

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Watch These Stuntmen Recreate The Action From Assassin's Creed, God Of War, And More

Motion capture, stuntmen, and choreography are often required to create the elaborate, realistic combat sequences we see in modern video games. These action-packed moments can be pretty neat in-game. Have you ever wondered what they look like in real life? YouTuber Legend of Micah recently uploaded a video that has seven stuntmen pay tribute to the following franchises: Assassin’s Creed, …

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