Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (February 22, 2018)

This week sees the number of blogs drop. I can only assume everyone is now in love with Monster Hunter: World and too busy hunting elder dragons to write! Community Blogs For February 15 – February 21: Monster Hunter World Tips and Tricks Jenniferttookewi is here to offer some Monster Hunter tips. Unfortunately, her first tip is essential. Simply beating ... Read More »

Discord Partnering With Esports Teams For Official Channels

Discord has announced today that they are pairing with major esports teams like the San Francisco Shock and Team Liquid for official channels within the chat program. The chat program popular with gamers has been making moves in the last year toward verified channels for games, developers, bands, and all sorts of official communities. This initiative is in line with ... Read More »

Net Neutrality Repealed On April 23

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has published its order repealing Net Neutrality, and in doing so revealed the date of its official end – April 23. Net Neutrality regulations keep Internet Service Providers (ISP) from possibly introducing different pay tiers, throttling service, and introducing other anti-consumer practices. States are currently suing the FCC on the issue, and a legislative fight ... Read More »

EA Hosting EA Play Ahead Of E3 Once Again

For the past few years, Electronic Arts has staked their own claim on gamer attention away from Electronics Entertainment Expo with EA Play, just before E3. EA is at it again in 2018, and has a lot to prove. This year, the mega-publisher is hosting EA Play, their show separate from the rest of the industry’s centralized location, on June ... Read More »

Bungie Tweaks Destiny 2 Roadmap, Rumble Returns To Crucible

Last month, Destiny 2 developer Bungie delivered an update/content roadmap for the game (take a look at it here), but the studio has now revised it (click on the new roadmap above to enlarge), pushing out some planned features to later updates. Among the changes are that Nightfall Strike unique weapons are now coming on March 27, while exotic weapon/armor ... Read More »

Past Cure Review – Caught Between Two Scary Worlds

Past Cure Review Have you seen the trailer for Past Cure? It pulls you in with its antics and promises a game that does the Thriller genre justice. But the question remains: does this indie title from Phantom 8 Studios have what it takes to not only grab hold of it’s generated interest and capitalize on it or does it ... Read More »

Half-Life Meets Final Fantasy XV

The PC edition of Final Fantasy XV comes out on March 6, but those who get the game on Steam can enjoy some Half-Life bonuses before and after release. If you get the game on Steam from now until May 1 you can get the Half-Life Pack (also available for the FF XV expansion Comrades) which features a Gordon Freeman ... Read More »