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Animated Dark Souls Storybook Explores Lore

Dark Souls is known for its punishing difficulty, but you don’t hear too much about its story. A new animated storybook on YouTube covers the game’s journey of the Chosen Undead with some cool illustrations and a simple explanation of the lore. Back in a 2011 interview, Hidetaka Miyazaki spoke about the games story, its connection to the idea of …

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Ubisoft Executive Reveals How Games-as-Service Influences Development Process

Although many consumers are frustrated with the games-as-a-service-model (GaaS), Ubisoft is one company that is trying to use it to better their games. The company used content improvements and continuous development to evolve post-launch support for games like Tom Clancy’s The Division, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and The Crew. Laurent Detoc, head of Ubisoft North America, recently spoke on the GaaS …

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Quantic Dream Says a Detroit: Become Human Sequel Is a Definite Possibility

Could Quantic Dream Be Working on a Sequel for Detroit: Become Human? Despite the fact that Detroit: Become Human, the critically acclaimed PS4 exclusive from Quantic Dream, launched just under a month ago, it seems the French company is entertaining the idea of a sequel. Considering Quantic Dream named it their most successful title yet after it sold one million …

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Mayor Cody gets all stabby in new Street Fighter V gameplay video

Capcom have uploaded a new video in their Character Introduction series, looking at the upcoming return of one of their most popular punchers. Cody Travers, who has apparently stepped away from a life of crime to become the new mayor of Metro City, is getting back into the ring in Street Fighter V. Despite the fancy haircut and snazzy clothes, …

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West of Loathing producer says the Switch version sold ‘about a third’ on Switch as it did on PC, but the team is still ‘thrilled’

The wild, wide world of the gaming economy is far too closed off for its own good. With publishers like Microsoft protecting any sort of hard numbers of hardware sales and many others walling off their proprietary digital gardens from prying eyes, at any given moment it’s tough to really understand what’s happening in the landscape if you’re an outsider. …

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