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Undead Labs Confirms State of Decay 2 Will Not Feature Microtransactions

Devs Say State of Decay 2 Won’t Feature Any Microtransactions Just a few days ago Undead Labs, the developers behind the State of Decay titles made the big reveal about the release date and price for State of Decay 2. But it seems they’re not done dropping some huge details about their upcoming title. In an official livestream earlier today …

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The Best PS4 Deals at PS Store, Amazon, Best Buy & Walmart This Week

PS4 Deals from all the major stores in one place  There’s tons of great PS4 deals right now at all the major retailers, and we’ve collected them for you right here. There’s LA Noire at $12.00 off, Skyrim VR at less than 40 bucks, and Valkyria Chronicles Remastered for less than $12.00 – how is that possible?! Check out these …

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Super Smash Bros. Director Confirms He Is Returning For Switch Entry

Nintendo’s newest Super Smash Bros. game was announced last night for a release in 2018. While there are a thousand big and small questions after the announcement, one thing we don’t have to ponder is whether series director Masahiro Sakurai is involved. Confirming on Twitter, Sakurai tweeted “Right now we’re just at the stage where we revealed this game, but I’ve …

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Xbox VP Teases Direct-To-Twitter Posting

Xbox vice-president Mike Ybarra tweeted out a test of the Xbox’s seemingly upcoming direct-to-Twitter screencap posting today. Ybarra posted the screenshot today, captioning it “Twitter direct!” alongside a shot of recently-released Xbox One indie game Samsara. The tweet included the hashtag #XboxShare, mirroring the #PS4Share tag appended to PlayStation 4 tweets. As it stands, the Xbox One currently does not …

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GameMaker Signs Deal With Nintendo, Adds Switch Export Function

GameMaker Studio 2, a popular 2D game engine that powers games like Hyper Light Drifter and VA-11 HALL-A, has signed a deal with Nintendo to bring the engine to Switch in a big way. After yesterday’s announcement of Undertale on Switch, likely the best known game made in the engine, GameMaker creator YoYo Games revealed the partnership with Nintendo. GameMaker …

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