Ubisoft Getting Into The Personal Assistant Game With ‘Sam’

Harvested User Data Is Here To Save The Day! You can’t be a real monolithic corporation without a personal assistant for your users to depend on. never mind Alexa or Siri, Ubisoft is bringing you Sam! That’s right, Ubisoft is going to change the way you game with a performance-monitoring AI! Yay…… If there’s anything you want to know about ... Read More »

Atomik: RunGunJumpGun Coming To The Switch Next Month

Eye-Melting Action Wherever You Go Sometimes space isn’t all about boldly going places, flinging laser swords around or interspecies copulation. No, sometimes space is more about hyper-colored cosmic horror and action so fast it gives you muscle cramps. ATOMIK: RunGunJumpGun is a lovely diversion from all those happy-go-lucky space stories, offering you the chance to be repeatedly eviscerated in the ... Read More »

Five Early Takeaways From UFC 3

EA Sports’ third UFC title comes out next week, and you’re likely seeing some reviews across the internet. I’ve put a ton of time into UFC 3 – particularly career mode – but we’re not ready to publish our review just yet. We decided to hold off to see how the game behaves in a live environment. However, with tens ... Read More »

Star Wars Battlefront II is Doing Much Better Than You Think; New Update Incoming

Star Wars Battlefront II is Doing Just Fine… The war is apparently just beginning in Star Wars Battlefront II. The past few months have been quite eventful for the game with the botched handling of microtransactions and a rough first week of sales at retail. However, there are signs the game is doing much better with millions of players living out their Star Wars fantasies since launch. According ... Read More »

Nintendo's First Phone App Miitomo Ending Support On May 9

Miitomo, Nintendo’s first attempt at a smartphone app after announcing its venture into the mobile world, is shutting down on May 9, according to a post on the company’s website. The freemium social app was released by Nintendo in March 2016, confounding fans who expected something a bit more traditional after the company stated its intentions to develop smartphone apps. ... Read More »

Report: Bioware's Anthem Set For 2019

Bioware’s ambitious multiplayer co-op shooter Anthem is now set for 2019, according to a report from Kotaku. The changed date comes in the midst of a deep dive report on the new game from the venerated studio. The article talks about the immense pressure the developers are under to properly deliver the game, which is apparently Bioware’s most ambitious project ... Read More »