Super Smash Bros Switch Announced for 2018 via Nintendo Direct

It’s a New Dawn of Super Smash Bros

After some very high anticipation and tons of speculation, Nintendo just dropped a bomb on fans everywhere. According to the latest Nintendo Direct, a Super Smash Bros is in development for the Nintendo Switch. Best of all, it looks like it will be arriving later this year.

Evidenced by the latest tease, 2018 is the time to purchase a Nintendo Switch. In the brief Nintendo Direct footage we received, the company teased SplatoonSuper Mario Odyssey, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild characters making their way to the arena. And in the background, more returning characters were teased. Though it was brief, it was enough. You can catch the video yourself down below.

As you may have witnessed at the very end, 2018 was the only number given. Thus, it is all but confirmed that Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch is coming this year. That’s about all way can say with certainty, that and the fact that Splatoon characters will make their debut on the new installment. If given room to speculate, I’d say that Mario and Link will return as we witnessed them in Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild, which would make sense. As for what else might be new, feel free to speculate away in the comments below.

Super Smash Bros Switch Announced for 2018 via Nintendo Direct


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  1. Are they saving the Switch Virtual Console for E3? I’m getting worried and starting to think there’s not going to be a VC service for the Switch, which would be a very bad thing since Nintendo would be missing out on free money!

    Anyways, best Nintendo Direct a very long time! They did a good job. I had low exceptions but they had lots of nice surprises. The only problem I had with it was no mentioning of the Switch VC or perhaps more ACA NeoGeo and Arcade Archives classics, Otherwise, great Direct. None of the NDs have been this good.

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