Update for a Downgrade There have been ups and downs in Red Dead Online lately. Well, there have been downs and an up. After a long awaited content update with The Naturalist, Rockstar followed upREAD MORE

Console Players Beware After a year of research and planning, Crossplay is now active in Dead by Daylight, allowing PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC players to play together. While this will go a longREAD MORE

Microsoft Is More Interested in Lifetime Fans Than Profits During a recent podcast, Xbox Games Marketing boss Aaron Greenberg claimed that Microsoft isn’t making a big profit from Game Pass and the company is more interestedREAD MORE

Halo Infinite Campaign Only Offers Two-Player Split-Screen According to the head of design on Halo Infinite, Jerry Hook, the campaign for the upcoming Halo won’t include a four-player split-screen. Two players can play through the campaignREAD MORE

Turtle Beach Announced Stealth 700/600 Gen 2 Headsets Renowned headset maker Turtle Beach has officially confirmed that the Stealth 700 and Stealth 600 Gen 2 headsets will be releasing soon. These headsets will be successorsREAD MORE

Click here to watch embedded media In this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show we talk about a handful of the games we’ve been playing recently, including: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 remake, Hyper Scape,READ MORE

Ready to die a bunch of times and take new bodies for a spin? Choose the shell (they’re kinda like classes) that’s right for your playstyle when Mortal Shell launches on August 18 digitally on XboxREAD MORE

Three-person co-op dungeon crawler Blightbound gets its first major update today. The early access Steam title allows you to play a as a mage (healer), tank, or assassin as you barrel through dungeon after dungeon.READ MORE

Remember Saturday morning cartoons? Remember G.I. Joe? Saturday mornings with a big bowl of cereal and some highly questionable life lessons? Enough about my childhood, there’s a game being talked about here. G.I. Joe: Operation BlackoutREAD MORE

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Gerrrms Review Having a video game released during a worldwide pandemic called “Gerrrms” allows for a ton of jokes to be made. Which obviously I am too good to do. Thankfully, this game takes aREAD MORE

Have you had a sandvich today? No? That’s okay, because the Heavy isn’t in Fall Guys – yet. Instead, Mediatonic has announced that Team Fortress 2’s Scout has an outfit available in the battle royaleREAD MORE

Something Wicked This Way Comes As part of bringing the intricate mechanics of Magic: The Gathering to a new market in the new MMO, Magic: Legends is bringing the necromancer in as one of theREAD MORE

Avengers Assemble Marvel’s Avengers has undoubtedly been a polarizing topic over the last few weeks. The controversy surrounding Spider-Man’s exclusivity to the PlayStation 4 has been a hot-button issue, with fans around the world voicingREAD MORE