5 Reasons I Love Respawn’s RSP-400 Gaming Chair

Seasoned gamers know the feeling of playing for hours and hours on end. You get into the zone chasing down the bad guy and suddenly your back, neck, and shoulders are all killing you – you’ve been literally on the edge of your seat and your body hates you for it. While it is a topic seldom discussed in the world of gaming, proper posture and comfort while playing is important; we all know we shouldn’t be playing our favorite seated pass time for as long as we do, but video games are just so damn fun! With that in mind, Respawn has created a brand new line of gaming chairs to help even the most shoulder slouched gamer play in comfort. Check out our top five reasons we loved the chair below.

The Respawn RSP-400 Gaming Chair is designed to take a lot of gamers needs into account: with a wider, cushier seat, a tall back, adjustable armrests and reclining. Of course, this was only a brief look at the chair, if you want to see an in-depth look and get an idea of what it’s really like to sit in glorious gaming comfort, check out our full review.



The Respawn RSP-400 Gaming Chair series is currently available for purchase. For more information, check out the product’s official website to see their entire line of gaming chairs.

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5 Reasons Why I Love Respawn’s RSP-400 Gaming Chair