A Chair That Works for Gamers and Everyone Else

COGconnected recently had the opportunity to review one of the newest gaming chairs in the market. You can only sound so pretentious when talking about a piece of furniture, but here are a few qualities we felt were worth highlighting. Obviously, if you sit down and you’re uncomfortable, then it fails as a chair. But Respawn has gone a bit beyond comfort and introduced a design that’s more than just gamer friendly. Here are the five reasons I absolutely love the Respawn-300 gaming chair.

5. It’s Viable as a Workout Chair

Now I know it’s not gaming related, but I just had to point that the chair facilitates arm workouts. Anyone else do seated—or “concentrated”—curls? I never had the right seating arrangement, unless I removed the armrests from my office chair or sat crooked on the edge of my bed. For the uninitiated, a concentrated curl is lifting a dumbbell while seated, for building biceps. Now that I have the Respawn-300, I might get back into toning the jelly that was once my biceps The adjustable seat depth and armrests facilitate some simple workouts for those who like to sit still and build some muscle. The 275 lbs. weight capacity could probably compensate for a bulkier body’s dumbbells (hence the “300” in Respawn-300). Thus, it’s safe to say it’s a gaming chair, an office chair, and even a workout chair. One chair facilitates three kinds of activities, four if you count sleeping. I think that’s pretty rad.


4. That Detachable Pillow

Here’s a very basic feature, but one that makes a world of difference. The length of the Respawn-300’s racing style mesh offers a comfortable place to rest. More importantly, however, it offers a place for your neck, thanks to the removable pillow. Yes, the chair does a great job at keeping your back comfortable, but the adjustable pillow is one of those features you don’t know you need until you try it out for the first time. Ask yourself, how many chairs have you sat on with great back and neck support? That’s why—when I’m doing work or gaming, and I tilt my head back—I’m surprised when I feel comfort against my spine. I’m not used to that kind of convenience when seated. Which is why, if you’re seated for long periods, the spine relief is nothing short of a blessing.