6 Powers You Likely Won’t See in Marvel’s Spider-Man

With a new Spider-Man game right around the corner, the internet is absolutely buzzing with speculation and theories about what kinds of characters and abilities will be in the game. Well, in my efforts to narrow down what I and other players will be doing once the game releases, I’ve created a list of some of Spider-Man’s abilities and powers that will most likely NOT be in the game.

1) Face-Palming Flesh from Bone

Peter Parker is a good guy. He’s proven time and time again his selfless dedication to saving and protecting those who need saving and protecting. As a result, seeing this shining paragon of heroism and goodness descend into a hatred-fueled rampage is an especially chilling experience. In the story Spider-Man: Grim Hunt, we see a much more vengeful side of Peter Parker after the Kravinoff family kills several of his loved ones. This story leads us to bear witness to one of Spidey’s most brutal acts: using his powers to rip the skin from the face of Kraven’s wife, Sasha. Though he does spare her life, he leaves a gruesome hand-shaped scar over her face. This is certainly an awesome glimpse into the potential of a more remorseless Spider-Man, but it is also far too dark for Insomniac’s upcoming T-rated release.

2) Camouflage

Unlike the flesh-ripping brutality of the previous power, camouflage seems as though it would fit into the new game’s tone and gameplay just fine, but there’s a problem: Insomniac’s Spider-Man is Peter Parker. Though Spider-Man has had the power of camouflage, it wasn’t Peter Parker, but Miles Morales who had this power. Because of this, unless Insomniac has been planning some big surprises for us, Spidey will have to look to some fancy tech if he wants to replicate Morales’ ability.

subway battle spider-man


3) Life Cocoon

We’ve seen Spider-Man surround himself in webs in video games before. In the 2000 Spider-Man game, Spidey has the ability to surround himself in a protective cocoon-like web barrier, which then explodes. However, what he’s never been able to do in prior games, and I highly doubt will be able to do in this coming one, is bring himself back from the dead by wrapping himself in a regenerative cocoon. He has done just this in the comics, though, albeit through a series of extremely convoluted series of supernatural comic book storytelling tricks. If we saw Peter do this in the new game, I would be absolutely floored at the gall of the decision to include not only this, but whatever bizarre story elements led to cocoon-resurrection being a viable course of action. Now that I think about it, I kind of want to see this in a game. For the time being, though, we can almost certainly rest assured that this ability won’t be in Insomniac’s new title.