The Season 2 Launch Trailer is Available Tomorrow, June 27

Apex Legends is teasing a lot of awesome additional content that season 2 is apparently ushering in. It all began when winged, reptilian creatures began roaming the map, first hinting that dragons are on the horizon. Now a mysterious Crypto Laptop is in the game ahead of the official season 2 trailer release tomorrow.

Apex Legends Map

Available to see on Reddit, the crypto laptop currently has no identifiable function. One plausible theory suggests that the laptop is teasing the arrival of a brand new character, likely with the name Crypto.

Another good theory brings a functional element to the crypto laptop. Repulsor towers on the islands may keep the flyers and leviathan at bay. The Leviathan is the giant dinosaur roaming the waters surrounding Kings Canyon and is moving. The laptop may disable the towers, thereby releasing the ferocious creature onto the map. Additionally, a recent tweet by Apex Legends seems to provide evidence to the validity of this theory.

Whatever the truth is, the arrival of the crypto laptop hearkens the beginning of season 2. The official trailer is releasing tomorrow and hopefully sheds light on the meaning behind the mysterious laptop.

Do you have any viable theories as to the reason for the appearance of the crypto laptop? Are you excited for season 2 of Apex Legends? Let us know in the comments section below!