Sea of Thieves Has Some New Content On the Way

Sea of Thieves is getting a new questline next Tuesday titled “Tall Tales – Shores of Gold”. This new content is part of the game’s upcoming Anniversary Update, which will launch on the same day.

A cinematic official trailer for the questline can be viewed below.

“Tall Tales – Shores of Gold takes pirates through a series of interconnected tales of wonder and discovery, exploring the stories of those who live on the Sea of Thieves,” an official description read. “Revel in the quintessential pirate adventure as you embark upon a quest for a lost island, long believed to be mythical.”

“Many revelations and destinations lie ahead: you’ll acquire ancient artifacts and enchanted items, overcome traps and encounter new foes as part of this epic journey,” the description continued.

Sea of Thieves

Tall Tales – Shores of Gold will feature fights against powerful Skeleton Lords, new characters to meet, and deadly traps that protect valuable treasure. In order to start the questline, players will only have to meet the Mysterious Stranger at any in-game tavern.


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A New Sea of Thieves Quest Launches April 30th

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