Control is the sort of game that you don’t stop thinking about when it’s finished. It invites retrospect and analysis — a thorough rehashing of everything you saw and read along the way, all in pursuit of connecting every little thread to make one cohesive world.

That’s a rabbit hole I went down. After reviewing Control, I had more questions about, well, a lot of things. At PAX West, I had the opportunity to get some answers. I sat down with Remedy Entertainment narrative designer Brooke Maggs to talk about some of the stuff that was still on my mind.

Nearly everything after this point is a Control spoiler in one way or another.

The result is this semi-coherent interview where I hop between super-specific questions with no real regard for segue or flow. I have no regrets. This was for me, not you. I asked what I wanted to know. Maggs was kind enough to go along with all of it.

[The following interview transcript has been lightly edited for clarity and flow.]

A spoiler-filled discussion with Control's narrative designer, including all those references to Alan Wake screenshot

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A spoiler-filled discussion with Control’s narrative designer, including all those references to Alan Wake