Fans Are Now Alienated

Sometimes, the people who own a beloved franchise just won’t make dreams come true. That seems to be the case with Fox, who recently revealed mobile title Alien: Blackout. While the company has the power to produce a new movie with Amanda Ripley, as well as a sequel to Alien: Isolation, those two things are not on the docket.

In celebration of the original movie’s 40th anniversary, Fox decided to continue the story of Amanda Ripley. The only sequel to Alien: Isolation will come in the form of a comic called Alien: Resistance. According to Variety, that continuation doesn’t include anything on the film front.

FoxNext, the video game company under 20th Century Fox, also killed all hopes of seeing Alien: Isolation 2. However, they haven’t closed the door on other projects related to the game’s main character. “There are a lot of stories we can tell in the franchise. We can tell more stories about Amanda Ripley without it being an ‘Isolation’ game,” said TQ Jefferson, vice president of external development at FoxNext.


Earlier this week, FoxNext teased a new project with the hashtag “ReadWatchPlay.” Many fans felt certain that the new project would be a AAA game starring Amanda Ripley. When Alien: Blackout was revealed as a mobile title, the reveal was compared to Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo: Immortal debacle. “I can see some people making a connection between ‘Diablo’ and this, but I think it’s a bit of a leap,” said Jefferson. “The ‘Diablo’ backlash was focused on free-to-play and mobile, our game is a premium mobile game where you pay one price and you’re done. It’s a contained experience.”

Do you think we’ll see another high-budget Alien game in the near future? Would you compare Alien: Blackout’s announcement to Diablo: Immortal? Comment your thoughts down below.

SOURCE: Variety