Catch Up For Cheap…er Than Normal

With Kingdom Hearts III blowing up everyone’s feed right now, I’ve been feeling compelled to catch up. You know, refresh my memory on all that’s come before. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found out that both of the Kingdom Hearts games collections are on sale this weekend on PSN!

Now imagine my joyous celebration cut short when I saw how friggin’ expensive 2.8 still is. It’s maybe 1.4 games, you monsters! Still, if you feel like nothing but the complete saga will satisfy you, this weekend is the perfect time to bite the bullet and dive in. Sure, the story is silly, but in that glorious and sprawling way that makes you feel like the  fate of the universe is at stake.


Your only other option is to get crazy lucky with some second-hand shopping. The physical versions of these games have been de-listed from most storefronts, maybe to justify the price of the digital games. You can check out our review of Kingdom Hearts III here. If you do decide to go back and play the older games, just be prepared for how uncanny valley some of the original character models look. They’re like dolls with the eyelids missing, it’s deeply unsettling.