Story Is Really Taking the Center Stage This Time

This potential leak concerning Destiny 3 was first posted on 4chan, so I don’t blame you for immediately ignoring it. Though if this information is actually accurate, that would be pretty sweet because it sounds really cool. Remember when Destiny would actively avoid revealing any story to the player? Well, it looks like they are doing a full 180 on that. According to this Destiny 3 leak, a whole lot of lore from previous Destiny games and even before is being used to shape the story and conflict in the next game.

Destiny 3 Leak

Even for someone like me, who has never touched Destiny and knows very little, all this stuff that I have never heard of sounds pretty dope. Here is part of what the leak says:

  • Destiny 3 is being released in the fall of next year, and I know all about it.
  • The Darkness is actually a race of interdimensional beings known as the Veil
  • The game’s storyline is about the Second Collapse. Essentially. the Veil want to use the Light to resurrect the Formless One
  • it’s introducing a brand new Darkness element Brand new type Of open world that focuses on faction-oriented gameplay between Dark and Light Guardians
  • The Cabal and Fallen are Out as enemy races. They’re being replaced by the Veil, which is the brand new massive enemy race.
  • Veil has more combat units than every race combined, to compensate for the lack of Cabal and Fallen Which are now allied with the City
  • The Vex. Hive and Taken are the returning enemy races. The Veil and the Aphelion are two new races being introduced in 03.
  • Xivu Arath has a huge role in the storyline.
  • The Nine are also big players Their help gets enlisted after the Veil takes the system, where you meet each of them.

This must be what it’s like for Avengers: Infinity War to be your first MCU movie. The big takeaway from this is that “The Darkness” might have its own faction for players to side with. Unfortunately, I Believe In a Thing Called Love probably won’t be part of the soundtrack. It also sounds like it will be a more open-word than the previous games. Though the source of this leak is 4chan, the link will be an imgur image, because a link to 4chan would be a cruel thing to do.

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Source: Imgur