A Now-Deleted Tweet Suggests the Mobile Auto Chess Game is on its Way

Dota Underworld and Teamfight Tactic may be dominating the conversations around Auto Chess, but don’t count out Drodo Studios. For those who may forget, Drodo Studios are responsible for creating the original auto chess as a mod for DOTA 2. Drodo is not entering the frey to compete with Valve’s Dota Underworld or Riot’s Teamfight Tactci, but are releasing a mobile version in China.

Dota 2 Co-op Campaign

A sign up page for the future Auto Chess game exists on Epic Games Store. However, the only information the site reveals is that “Auto Chess PC Alpha Test [is] Coming Soon”. That is, until a tweet from the Epic Games account yesterday.

The now-removed tweet read “How excited are you for the Auto Chess Alpha Launch this week?”. Thankfully, PC Games has the tweet saved for posterity’s sake.


It is possible the tweet was intended to be published at a later date. Thus, it is a mistake to believe with certainty the alpha test is coming out this week. But one can hope.