Anno 1800 Has Been Selling Like Hotcakes, According to Its Developers

Anno 1800, a strategy game set during the Industrial Age, is the “fastest-selling” game in the entire series, the game’s developers announced on Monday.

Anno 1800

is officially the fastest-selling Anno of all times! Thank you from the whole team: We couldn’t have done it without you, our fans, who supported us relentlessly during the development,” the game’s official Twitter account tweeted.

Given how well this game been been reviewed, this sales announcement isn’t too surprising.

“Anno 1800 is a beautiful game. The water is gorgeous, the landscape is fresh and lush, and the animations are simple but delightful,” our reviewer wrote. “The narrative of the campaign is unique and a story worth following, and the various tech-trees that unlock as your population grows are straightforward and logical.”

“The use of a class system is what sets this apart from most city building games but the general lack of advanced mechanic tutorials leaves players at a disadvantage if they haven’t played economic city builders before,” they continued. “Anno 1800 takes time to learn, but it’s time well spent.”


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