Capture The Knight

Over the past few months, we have seen a bunch of cryptic images coming from WB Games Montreal. We know they are all related and teasing this Court of Owls Batman game, but today, we are shown an image that actually contains hints of the plot. Past images depicted different symbols and even something resembling an owl. Today’s image shows something like a coat of arms or an official government flag. This makes sense considering the influence and MO of the Court of Owls. It is a deeply rooted secret society in Gotham that pulls strings from the shadows.

WB Games Montreal

This image came out today in a couple of phases. At first, it was partially shown, with the caption “Capture the Knight”, which seems to be the game’s tagline. A little while later, it was shown in full, with the caption “/redacted”. Ooh, mysterious. The most notable part of this image is that it resembles a coat of arms that police officers wear. This is suggested by the stars surrounding the crest and the scale underneath the shield. Above the shield appears to be the skyline of Gotham, as well. On the inside of the shield are two talons belonging to some sort of bird or prey (hint, hint).

So, I said this contains hints of a plot. The whole coat of arms thing may suggest that the Court of Owls may be manipulating the GCPD into turning on Batman, hence the phrase “Capture the Knight”. It seems that all we are getting from WB Games Montreal are hints and teases of this game. Hopefully, we will see something concrete official.

When do you think this game will be officially revealed? Let us know in the comments below.

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Another Batman Game Tease Coming From WB Games Montreal