Apple Sees Green in the Gaming Industry

It feels like every week there’s a report about Apple, one of the world’s largest tech companies, considering breaking into the video game industry. Whatever could they be looking into this time?

UK Apple App Store

According to the tech site Cheddar, several sources claim that the House of Manufactured Obsolescence “began privately discussing a subscription service with game developers in the second half of 2018,” as well as the possibility of partnering up as a publisher for a couple of developers. BTIG analyst Brandon Ross said “The vast majority of revenue coming out of the App Store is games. Subscription has proven to be a successful way of monetizing on mobile. It is completely unproven in games except for some minor success from Microsoft, Sony, and Electronic Arts.” Makes sense, seeing as it looks like aforementioned subscription services bring in a total of roughly $275M per quarter with PlayStation now being the most popular do to the console’s high install base.


Over the years we’ve seen reports of the company considering starting their own development studio, making their own console, or some other gaming related product. I can’t imagine how anyone outside of the hardcore Apple fanbase would be interested in such a service, as it likely won’t rip hardcore mobile gamers on Android away from their platform of choice. If it does, then that will be news.

SOURCE: Cheddar