Exploration Comes With Random Encounters and Fights

Anthem producer Ben Irving recently revealed a little bit about exploration in the game world. For starters, there will be random encounters, the kind that makes every player outing unique. The random encounters, however, are only part of the reward when dealing with the wildlife.

Anthem main screen 1280x

Speaking with YouTube channel Freelance Codex, Irving revealed that it is possible for players to encounter monsters and NPC factions battling against one another. Think Monster Hunter: World’s turf wars but between aliens with guns and teeth. Since there won’t be PvP, the game’s charm practically revolves around the dynamism of exploration. To that end, Anthem features a diverse array of enemies who will fight you and amongst themselves.


“Part of how the world works is, when you’re exploring, different types of things can spawn in the same spot,” said Irving. “That’s part of the notion that, when you go out and explore the world, you can have a different experience. We like the idea that, if a random set of things happen close enough together for people who don’t like each other, you can stumble across a firefight of two groups that you don’t like either of them… The extent to how much that happens, we’ll have to see, but that’s certainly an idea that we’ll try to see how it feels in practice.”

Of course, wildlife is even more interesting if they drop loot. Irving confirmed that everything you kill in the game will drop something useful. While he didn’t mention specific items, he did give a general idea of what players can expect.

“All of the creatures, our monster or mobs or whatever, that you fight—it is in your interests to kill lots of things,” Irving said. “And they’ll drop loot, they’ll drop ammo pickups, they’ll drop health pickups. But I think the primary driver is around the loot, right? So you pick up these undefined things, that when you end your current expedition and go back to your home base, whether that’s the fort or the strider, you identify the gear you picked up to find out the specifics of what it is.”

Anthem will launch on February 22 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Expect additional details to drop in the near future. And if you missed some previously answered questions about the game, you can find our recent coverage here.

SOURCE: GamingBolt