Cheaters Gonna Cheat, Mods are Gonna Mod

Apex Legends launched just under two weeks ago, and has since become a huge success. Even similarly named VR game Apex Construct has seen a spike in sales, no doubt for being mistaken for Apex Legends. But with all new games, players find a way to break the game or bend it to their dishonest tendencies. Thankfully, developer foresee this and set out to find cheaters. So far, Apex Legends moderators have banned upwards of 16,000 players for cheating. Big yikes! I know of some games that would love to have 16,000 players playing them.

Apex Legends moderators

It is unclear exactly how these players cheat. Maybe the found a way to hide from the damage of the zone or something. But it is probably a pretty noticeable cheat for 16,000 people to be caught. Now, there is no omniscient being watching the every move of every player. These cheaters have to be reported. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as just calling them out. Currently, the reporting player has to submit the offender’s player ID through the game’s support website. Ideally, the report will include some description of the offense and/or evidence such as a screenshot or video clip. Even without evidence, moderators will still investigate the player. Action may be taken if more reports come through claiming that they are cheating.

Players have suggested an in-game session way of reporting cheaters. Apex Legends developer Respawn has responded by saying it is a really good idea. I just imagine them saying it in “why didn’t we think of that” kind of way. Apex Legends second update is coming sometime next week. No word is given on what the update is, but it probably isn’t an in-game reporting system, yet.

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Source: Polygon

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Apex Legends Moderators Swing a Heavy Ban Hammer