These “Flyers” Drop Loot If You Manage to Take One Down

It is no secret that Apex Legends is struggling after seeing its popularity and revenue decline. Season 2 aims to rectify this issue and is doing so in a very exciting way. Dragons are now taking to the sky of Apex Legends, offering some significant loot if someone manages to fell it. Screenshots on Reddit show players aiming their guns at the flying lizards. Many in the community are beginning to dub these ferocious beasts “flyers”, I would assume because they, well, fly. Original.

Apex Legends Items

Many believe that this move is in anticipation of a massive world event that the company has been teasing. Some people are pointing towards other changes with huge creatures in the Apex Legends universe, such as the leviathan moving down towards Runoff and turning to gave inland. In addition, a trailer first appearing at E3 ends with a giant, yellow, reptilian eye seemingly flying in the sky. Notably, besides the colossal eye are smaller dragons, similar to the “flyers” currently in the game. This suggests the world event may introduce an even more formidable dragon than those flying around now.


What do you think of the arrival of the “flyers”? Does this help make you excited for season 2 of Apex Legends? Let us know in the comments section below!