Physiotherapists Seeing Multiple Cases of Floss Knee

Thanks to Fortnite being the biggest dang thing, Flossing is a real dance move that’s swept the planet like a flu virus. This is all fine and good (unless you’re like, sick of it already) except it’s apparently causing knee problems. Soon, Floss Knee will join Blackberry Thumb and iPad Shoulder in the pantheon of weird new muscle pains.

Fortnite Save the World Skins

At least one physician has reported a spike in knee problems in the months following the dance’s debut. It makes sense, especially when you consider that knees aren’t really built for that wacky side-to-side motion the move requires. Patients report pain occurring on the inside of the knee, with a little pressing revealing the actual cause.


The good news of course, is that this can’t possibly be a problem for long. No goofy-ass dance move in the history of dance moves has persisted on a long enough timeline. Although, I am gleefully excited for the possibility of anti-flossing PSAs showing up on television and elsewhere. Maybe there will be bus ads featuring precocious children walking like old men after that evil dance move has ruined their legs. Stay tuned for the next big dance craze, the tendon-shredder.


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Apparently Flossing is Bad For Your Knees