Expectations were sky high when the original No Man’s Sky hit: precisely because Hello Games put them there. I enjoyed several aspects of the 1.0 release, treating it like a low key chill space sim — but a lot of it didn’t resonate with me, particularly it’s lack of multiplayer and sense of aimlessness (mostly poor randomness) that hurt its long term prospects.

A lot of that’s changed with No Man’s Sky NEXT, a massive update that arrives over two years later, and for some, too late. The thing is, a lot of people are digging it. The game shot back up into the Steam charts due to the re-hype, and I’ve seen a lot of arguments from the community that contend that it’ll float back down to reality in due time.

That’s what spurred me into finding out for myself if that’s the case, and if people are going to be playing NEXT for the foreseeable future. Me? I think I got most of No Man’s Sky out of my system, occasionally going back to my main file in search of some new resource or planet. It’s about what I expected: an above average simulator that doesn’t shake up the game in any meaningful fashion. Even with NEXT under its belt it still feels that way.

Are you playing No Man's Sky again after the NEXT update? screenshot

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Are you playing No Man’s Sky again after the NEXT update?