Beat Up Your Friends For Free

For the discerning arena brawler enthusiast, there’s so many more titles to choose from then there used to be. Gone are the days when Smash Bros was the only game in town. Now there’s a plethora of possible options for all your smash-esque needs! Brawlhalla, a pretty respectable 2D arena brawler, is coming to the Switch and Xbox One this fall, bringing its total platforms up to four.


If you’re unfamiliar with Brawlhalla, the story is simple enough: Valhalla is full of bored heroes waiting for the end of the world. Said boredom leads to fighting, more fighting, and the wanton destruction of property. Sufficiently enraged, Odin hosts a tournament to give all these amped-up warriors something to do.


While I can’t speak to the Xbox One experience, this (like more or less every other game on Earth) seems like an excellent fit for the Nintendo Switch. The bite-sized gameplay, the simple controls and the portable-friendly graphics all feel perfect for the elusive on-the-go gaming that Nintendo is forever striving for. Although Brawlhalla is big on online play, with which the Switch is largely untested. Check out the announcement trailer below!

SOURCE: Press Release

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Arena Brawler Brawlhalla Hitting Xbox One and Switch