The Odyssey Continues in 2019

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey content will continue to roll out, so long as there are loyal fans. And their loyalty has been rewarded with the long-awaited New Game Plus. The replayable campaign comes alongside new mercenary tiers, a higher level cap, and even more questlines. Here’s what players can look forward to.

Among the new quests, the biggest may be “The Lost Tales of Greece: A Brother’s Seduction.” In A Brother’s Seduction, you will encounter a waylaid poet who will lead you to the Port of Kechries where you must help two brothers deal with their father’s recent passing. Unfortunately, your presence inspires some brotherly rivalry as they compete for your affections, and it falls to you to untangle this family drama.


The Lost Tales of Greece DLC can be accessed after the player has reached Chapter 5 of the campaign. Enter the Korinthia region and check out a quest named “The Prodigal Son’s Return.” If there are more quests to discover, it shall be easier than ever thanks to the increase in fast travel points. The Adrestia is now more accessible than ever.

As highlighted by Ubisoft, here’s what players can expect:

  • New Game + As you may expect, this feature will allow you to start a new game while keeping all your hard earned gear, upgrades, abilities, drachmae, mounts, etc. that you’ve gathered in your previous playthrough. This is your chance to discover how a different choice can influence your path… or change a story choice to see a different outcome.
  • Level Cap Increase – We will increase the Level cap to 99. With the level increase, you’ll also have access to three additional Engraving tiers that can be upgraded at Hephaistos’s Workshop and an additional set of Ship improvements.
  • New Fast Travel Points To allow you to traverse Greece faster than ever, we’ll be adding an additional set of 22 Fast Travel points to the game. Many of them will be situated near ports to make accessing the Adrestia easier.
  • Additional Mercenary Tiers and Benefits – Two additional tiers will be added to the Mercenary Ladder. Climb these new ranks for rewards including sweet loot, loads of drachmae, and two additional benefits: 10% more Orichalcum and a higher drop rate of epic gear.

Of course, alongside a plethora of new content updates and improvements, Ubisoft has delivered some gorgeous cosmetics. A couple of new item packs in the form of the Wild Boar Pack and Shark Pack include new skins for your character, allies, and the Adrestia. Learn more about the bonuses at the official website.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is available now for PC, the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. No matter your platform, you can participate in Ubisoft’s photo mode contest to earn the Spartan Collector’s Edition. Simply submit your best pic, between February 21st and February 28th, to the official page. Then look forward to Assassin’s Creed III remastered next month.

Happy gaming.