Baldur’s Gate 3 May Not Release This Year

Baldur’s Gate developer Larian Studios believes that it is more important to make their game good than to quickly pump out content. Isn’t it surprising how many people seemingly disagree with such a realistic take? The teaser trailer released yesterday shows that a lot of time is given to holding true to Forgotten Realms lore, as evident by the appearance of a mind flayer.

Larian Studios founder and director Swen Vincke recently spoke to Gamespot. When asked what he believes Larian will bring to the Baldur’s Gate franchise, Vincke had this in response. “We’re … in 2019 now–so it’s not going to necessarily launch this year–but in 2019, the world has moved on tremendously. With Divinity: Original Sin, we’ve demonstrated that we can make what people call classic RPG values, that we can make modern. You will see a modern version of Baldur’s Gate, but it’s going to be true to the core of Dungeons & Dragons more than anything.”

Vincke continues, “We’re going to take all the time we need to make this one really, really good. I think people have been waiting for 20 years, so they can afford to wait a little bit longer.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 will release on both PC and the newly announced Google Stadia.

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