I am the night. The Fortnite.

Epic Games has been hinting at a Batman crossover for a few days now (hard to hide it with data-mined information on Batman-themed items in the store, as well as releasing six Batman games on their site). Epic Games dropped a trailer on YouTube which premiered today.

In the trailer above it looks like the caped crusader himself will be coming to Fortnite along with some other cool updates. Catwoman and Batman skins will be available, as well as classic Batman weapons like the Batarang, and the Grapnel Gun. A Rift Zone has turned Tilted Town into Gotham City temporarily. These will be available for purchase in the in-game store, and players can complete challenges to earn free rewards.


This isn’t the first comic crossover to come to Fortnite. Players have already used the Infinity Gauntlet, Cap’s shield, Stormbreaker, and Iron Man’s repulsor gauntlets. Clearly, Epic Games doesn’t shy away from comic crossovers, and the Batman crossover is coming just in time for Batman day. DC Comics is celebrating 80 years of their caped crusader, and this crossover seems to be part of the festivities.

fortnite x batman crossover

Before the event dropped, Fortnite did have an update recently that changed grouping up with friends. In the 10.31 patch notes, Fortnite added Party Hub which will let players team up and play with each other, and be able to voice chat. This update also added in the Grapnel Gun and the Batarang in preparation for the event. There were also some other minor patches to fix weapon balancing, Storm Circle spawns, and some other bug fixes.

Are you a fan of the Fortnite crossovers? Are you excited to don the cowl? Let us know in the comments!


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Batman is Swooping into Fortnite