Rockstar has announced the first batch of new content that’s coming to the Red Dead Online beta via today’s update. The biggest addition is the new Gun Rush mode, which is the Western game’s answer to the battle-royale craze.

In Gun Rush, 32 players scramble to build up an arsenal as the playfield shrinks, in either solo or team-based variants. The last one (or team) standing takes home the glory, while the rest can do their part by feeding the buzzards. 

Today’s update also adds daily challenges, upgrades to the law and bounty systems, changes to make it easier to avoid hostile players, and tweaks to the in-game radar (you’ll only be visible to other players over short distances).

Rockstar says Red Dead Online will continue to be in beta for several more months, as the team incorporates player feedback and introduces new gameplay systems. The studio states it’s currently working on new story missions, dynamic events, and competitive modes, as well as some new weapons and cosmetics.

Battle Royale-Style Mode Hits Red Dead Online Beta