It’s a Cycle and Circle of Fire

DICE has unleashed their all-new Gamescom trailer for Battlefield V. Unlike those that came before it, this new preview is jam-packed with panzers, dogfights, and a little more mayhem.

With the very first reveal trailer, DICE introduced us to the game’s new features in one big supercut. At E3 2018, EA showed us some authentic gameplay and a preview of some of the in-game environments. This third reveal is all about the action and the chaos of World War II, and it’s so packed with warfare that many viewers wish this was the first reveal trailer (check out the comments section). But you can decide for yourself; catch the Gamescom footage below.

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The trailer came with an additional tease at the end. In case you didn’t notice, there’s a circle of fire shrinking over the map. I think I’m not alone in calling that our first tease of Battlefield V’s “Royale” mode. Apparently, fans have asked for the mode ever since the battle royale craze took over the market with Fortnite. Electronic Arts have previously stated, however, that the company has no intention of making a standalone version of battle royale. Not yet, anyway. For now, DICE will deliver their own take on the genre and maintain it as part of the robust multiplayer experience.

Battlefield V will launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 19. The closed Alpha ended this past July, but we can expect a beta during the month of September.