Real Money For Prettier Gear

It’s official: an Amazon store listing has Battlefield V microtransactions activating as of January 18th, 2019. The switch will happen just a few months before the game’s Firestorm Battle Royale mode is released in March. Although the move is sure to bother some people, at least they’re going the cosmetics-only route.

Battlefield V

The currency in question, Bcoins, will be priced similarly to Battlefront II’s crystals. Meaning $5 will get you 500 coins, with small bonuses for larger purchases. Again, the rates being charged aren’t nearly as important as what you can buy with them. Thankfully, it seems like EA’s learned their lesson when it comes to microtransactions.


Unlike some other games, earnings from this currency will be what power the updates, as opposed to battle passes. Things like Tides of War, the Battle Royale mode, and all the tweaks and balance changes will be powered by people’s insatiable thirst for prettier gear and guns. Piping in this premium currency later is a smart play. Gamers the world over will likely never forget Battlefront II. It’s important that EA doesn’t forget that either. Although any whiff of microtansactions comes with antagonism, it will be interesting to see how this particular rollout is received by the fans.


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Battlefield V Microtransactions Coming This January