Battlerite Royale Impressions 

Battlerite, the free-to-play team-based multiplayer action game, is releasing a standalone game called Battlerite Royale (you might be able to guess what genre it falls into). It’s, well, not free to play, but hey, it’s just important that it’s fun-to-play, right? We’ve got our initial impressions on Battlerite Royale in the video below.

With the title in early access, there’s a good possibility that some of Battlerite Royale’s issues will clear up over time. Of course, technically Fortnite is in early access still too, so you never know. With a lot of pros and cons to Battlerite Royale as it is, the good loot balancing with how much you have to grind to get it, the gameplay experience being highly dependent on where you spawn, and the long load times, there are some definitely drawbacks to the experience as it is. However, the story is surprisingly strong and it’s definitely worth a try, especially if you’ve got a friend to play it with.

Battlerite Royale


In Battlerite Royale players skydive from the back of a wyvern and land on Talon Island to explore the lush and colourful surroundings, stumbling upon a variety of items and intriguing consumables such as barrel disques, rocket boots, and bear traps. During fast-paced, cutthroat matches players rely on vigilance and quick wits, utilizing treasured collectibles to overthrow opposing players, grab their loot, and ultimately be the last one standing. The Early Access launch of Battlerite Royale features 20 different Champions to choose from, each with unique fighting styles, so even the most demanding players will find the right fit for their own play style.

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