Unfortuantely, Many People Are Currently Boycotting Twitch

It is somewhat ironic that the anti-corporate politician has been negatively impacted by an anti-corporation boycott. People are taking time off of Twitch in retaliation to work conditions at Amazon workhouses. Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon, which is why many are targetting the streaming platform to show their grievances. Unfortunately for Bernie Sanders, who made his first appearance on his Twitch channel, this means that many people were not present for his speech.

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The speech itself focuses mostly on health care, specifically Medicare for All. Sanders states, “In the United States, people not only have to deal with those illnesses, but they also have to worry about what’s going to happen to the family’s finances because of the hospitalization.”

He continues, “I’ve heard and you’ve heard stories about people who were hurt in accidents, who said, ‘Don’t take me to the emergency room! I can’t afford it.’ …What you just heard from this gentleman in Canada, major surgery doesn’t cost you a penny out of your own pocket. Of course, it costs money. It is publicly financed because it is a right the same way education is a right. It’s paid for out of tax dollars. Everybody contributes. In my view, it will be funded in a very progressive way with the wealthy paying their fair share of taxes.”


Finally, he says, “I suspect those doctors will tell you what they tell me, which is that they lose patients’ time and time and time again, from illnesses that were preventable if people walked into the office when they should have,” he said. “In fact, the estimates are that we lose 30,000 people a year who go to the doctor when it’s too late.”

It is rather unfortunate that Bernie failed to bring up the Twitch boycott, especially considering his past of taking on Amazon. This creates a disconnect from the viewers and doesn’t help Bernie to accomplish the reason he likely is taking to Twitch; attracting those on the fence. Twitch is a veritable hunting ground for young people with no strict political affiliation, making it an invaluable tool if the politician can learn to better leverage it.