Bethesda has unveiled the next round of patches for Fallout 76 – a game many have complained is overly buggy, even by Bethesda’s standards.

On December 4, the first patch will bring additional stability to the servers and fix some bugs like getting stuck in power armor, bosses not dispensing appropriate loot, and C.A.M.P. stand-alone items disappearing when players relocate. The patch also includes a few quality-of-life improvements like increasing the stash box storage limit from 400 to 600 pounds and increasing automatic weapon damage by 20 percent.

In an Inside the Vault letter, Bethesda also detailed its plans for the December 11 patch, which will allow players to respec their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points, implement a push-to-talk setting for voice chat, and bring more improvements to its C.A.M.P. placement. Among other additions like new quests and vaults, Bethesda also mentioned plans to implement a faction-based PvP system in the letter. Thus far, many fans have found the game’s PvP to be inadequate. 

Going forward, the developer also promised to reduce the size of the patches after complaints ensued over their very large November 19 patch. The next patch will be approximately 3 GB for consoles and around 36 MB for PC.

So far, the game has sparked a bit of controversy with its issue-laden launch with some fans angered over a collector’s addition bag that isn’t exactly as advertised, and one law firm even soliciting players for a class-action lawsuit. For our take on the post-nuclear sim, you can go here.

Bethesda Outlines December Patches For Fallout 76

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