Fallout 76 Will Receive More Content in 2019

An upcoming update for Fallout 76 that focuses mainly “on game performance and stability” along with “fixes to quests, UI, C.A.M.P.s, and more” is planned to launch on all platforms on November 19th, according to an official Friday news post.

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“Patch notes will be available early next week,” the news post read. “This update will be large compared to what we expect for patches going forward. Regular updates will always vary in size, but future updates should be much smaller in comparison.”

When it comes to frequently-requested fixes such as an increase to the player Stash Limit, Bethesda said that, while a fix for this issue won’t be included in next week’s update, they hear complaints about the Stash Limit “loud and clear”.

Fallout 76

“We will be increasing the stash limit in the coming weeks,” Bethesda said. “The current limit is there for technical reasons, to cap the number of items the game is tracking in the world, including every container and stash. We believe we have some ideas in both the short- and long-term that will address the size without risking stability, but this is one we need to take our time on to make sure it is done right.”

Also, for the PC version of the game, Bethesda also plans to eventually add 21:9 screen ratio support, a push to talk feature, and an FOV slider later this year.


Bethesda also promised to add new content to Fallout 76 in 2019: “We’ll see new Vaults opening, new ways to easily improve your C.A.M.P.s, ways to create, team-up, and faction-based PvP, and many more free add-ons we haven’t talked about yet.”

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Big Fallout 76 Update Coming Next Week