In an odd series of tweets, Binding of Isaac creator and former member of Team Meat Edmund McMillen confirmed a new Binding of Isaac project and a series of descriptors that leave us scratching our heads.

McMillen posted a video with his wife today, where the pair announced Binding of Isaac: Four Souls. He then ran down a list of cryptic attributes on Twitter that might point to Four Souls not even being a video game at all.

“The game’s called The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls, it’s multiplayer, it’s not something I’ve made before, it’s not battle royale, it can be played on something almost everyone owns, it features art by fans of Isaac, it plays nothing like Zelda Four Swords,” McMillen tweeted.

All signs point to a Binding of Isaac board game, which might be disappointing to fans of the first game, but there is still the Binding of Isaac spin-off Legend of Bum-bo on the way.