Studio Pleased With Fan Response So Far

Mark Darrah, Anthem‘s Executive Producer, took to Twitter this past week to answer a bunch of Anthem questions from fans. Darrah was pleasantly forthcoming about a variety of fascinating tidbits, most of which sound quite promising. We learned about PvE content, health regeneration, suit unlocks and more.

Anthem 1

First off, health regeneration. Is it happening? Actually, no! Your shield will regenerate, but any lost health will need to be recovered through items. PvE content will be limited to four-player groups at launch, though it’s possible this will eventually change. There’s no set order for unlocking all the suits beyond the Ranger Javelin suit. We’ll also be getting sniper-friendly guns and loadouts. This isn’t everything, but you can check out Darrah’s Twitter account for a few more details.


The recent investor conference call confirmed that fans are pretty psyched about this game. The EA Play demos at E3 were “packed from beginning to end,” which bodes well for fan anticipation. Yes the game looks and feels like EA’s take on Destiny, but that’s not a bad thing. As made apparent by the PUBG/Fortnite situation, sometimes expanding on an established formula can have fantastic results for both players and studios. We’ll know for sure when Anthem launches (barring any delays) this coming February.


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Bioware Answered Some Anthem Questions This Week