Coming Soon In Japan, Somewhat Later In North America

For quite some time, I was convinced that the Nintendo Switch was an ageless beast whose ravenous hunger would not be sated until it had consumed every indie game on Earth. Now, I welcome our new indie overlord. If nothing else, Black Bird looks like a fantastic addition to the Switch’s indie library.

Black Bird

This is a little premature, since the North American release date has yet to be announced. But Onion Games has assured fans that said release date is incoming. This is excellent news, because Black Bird looks friggin’ delightful. A side-scrolling shooter with a sinister edge, the upcoming release from Onion Games is loaded with ominous charm.


You play a young girl who comes back as a floating crow’s head after a neglected end on the streets. The trailer is spliced with scenes of utter woe for the girl and savage shooty vengeance for the bird. The studio’s assembled members come from games like Shadows of the Damned, No More Heroes, Super Mario RPG and Lolipop Chainsaw. In other words, the madcap aesthetic on display runs deep. Black Bird is set for release on October 18th in Japan, with a Western release coming soon.