Down, But Not Out

In Black Ops 4 Blackout, death and mortality generally works in the same way other battle royales work. YDYD (when Ya Dead, Ya Dead). As Eminem would say, “You only get one shot”. This comes as a frustration for people who, as the kids say, need to “Git Gud”. However, there may not be a need to git gud in Blackout’s new mode Down But Not Out. The name might be a bit misleading, because in regular Blackout you can be Down before being killed if you are playing in a squad. Down But Not Out does in fact make use of respawns in this game mode.

Black Ops 4 Blackout

Down But Not Out is a squad-only game-type. The way it works is you or your teammates can respawn every time the circle narrows as long as one squadmate lives. This means if you get killed in the first few minutes, you don’t have to wait around, watching your team play. You can just jump back in after a little while. It also means inexperienced players get more of a chance to win their not-Chicken Dinners. That’s not to say that it’s easier than regular Blackout. Remember, all the other teams that haven’t been wiped out will be coming back.

The final circles could potentially have all the teams fighting at the same time. That scenario is unlikely, but possible. The inclusion of more players in the final minutes of the game could also add an extra challenge for the more experienced players, too. It should be noted that when players respawn, their weapons and equipment does not. Prepare for some fisticuffs. This gamemode is already live for PS4, according to Treyarch’s Twitter page. Xbox One and PC versions will likely get to join in next week. The game mode will run until the end of January.

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Source: PC Gamer