Just The One, But It’s Still Pretty Cool

As a full-grown Adult, I have no time or tolerance for things like Nerf weapons. Sure, I owned one as recently as last year and wouldn’t be opposed to buying several more at a moment’s notice, but clearly these things are beneath me. If you’re still down with Nerf and all its foamy glory though, know that Blizzard is releasing an Overwatch Nerf gun sometime in 2019.

Overwatch Nerf Gun

More specifically, we’ll be getting a Nerf version of Reaper’s signature weapon. Sadly, coming up with the rest of his outfit is on you, but this first step is pretty much covered. Actually, given the somewhat nebulous release date, you’ve got plenty of time to assemble yourself an impressive Reaper getup.


Some people might scoff at the idea of keeping Nerf guns in one’s home. Why not a replica weapon, they’ll ask? Something without that signature safety cone orange sticking out of the front end? To those people I scoff in return. Nerf guns shoot! How else will you ambush your roommate/significant other/slowest child, draped in a bathrobe and hockey mask, if you don’t have functioning Hellfire shotguns at your disposal? You just won’t, and that’s all there is to it.

SOURCE: Press Release

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Blizzard Making Overwatch Nerf Guns Now