The Company Chose to Reveal the Information in a Very Strange Way

Blizzard may be reducing the level cap for World of Warcraft characters in a move they are dubbing a “level squish”. Blizzard has not made a definitive statement but a lot of the language involved suggests the move is imminent. This is a massive change that will impact countless players. Therefore, you would assume the release of the news would be tactful and considerate. Instead, Blizzard chose a rather strange method of delivery.

World of Warcraft

As part of a customer survey, participants were asked if they knew about the change – which, of course, they did not. For example, one such question reads “are you aware that the maximum level of 120 will be reduced in the future”. Another question asks if players like the level squish, after stating it “will reduce the total numbers of levels required to access the most current game content. The new level cap will be dramatically lower”. More examples of screenshot questions can be found on Imgur and Reddit.

The response seems to be fairly positive. Many believe that each level can become more meaningful and that the grind to level 120 is a daunting prospect for new players. This may be fortuitous for Blizzard seeing as they are dealing with their own problems.

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