Paratopic’s Atmospheric Horror Is Coming to Steam

Paratopic, a first-person horror game with an old school style, is going to launch on Steam on September 6th, according to an official press release.


However, it’s not the original game that’s going to be launched on Steam. Instead, it’ll be the Paratopic: Definitive Cut which has “a whole lot of tweaks, extra content and a few more spaces to explore.”

Paratopic follows the stories of three different characters: an assassin, a smuggler, and a young girl. The game is meant to have a surreal horror atmosphere and it gives off some serious Twin Peaks vibes.


“Paratopic is a surreal, grimy adventure game which – across a series of detailed vignettes – leads you through a cruel fever-dream world,” the game’s official description reads. “We see through the eyes of three separate characters whose personal stories intertwine, the connections between them waiting to be unravelled. Smuggle illicit VHS tapes, kill, drive through the night, explore decaying urban spaces and take a gentle stroll through the woods as you go for a spot of birdwatching.”

This upcoming horror game is going to cost $5.49 on Steam and its soundtrack costs $3.


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SOURCE: Press release