Having played through two different versions of the demo, it’s safe to say that I’m a pretty big supporter of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. So with Bloodstained pushed back to 2019, my current mood is rather dour. Well, myself and every Metroidvania fan on earth. Commence shaking your fist at the cold and uncaring skies!

Iga and his team posted an update on the Bloodstained Kickstarter site this morning giving more details. According to the post, this decision was made to “raise the quality level, especially after all the very valuable feedback from the Beta Backer Demo.” Meanwhile, the Vita version was cancelled due to the Vita itself going out of production in Japan.


While it’s frustrating to see a game you’re super excited for get delayed like this, one must remember the grisly alternative. Better to delay than release an unfinished product, a harsh lesson many game companies have learned repeatedly over the last five years. The post doesn’t say when in 2019 we’ll be seeing the game, but I feel like no date they settle on will feel soon enough. Backers who were all hot and bothered for the Vita version will be contacted soon to either choose an alternate platform or get a full refund. Everyone can stop shaking their fists at the skies now.


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Bloodstained Pushed to 2019, Vita Version Cancelled