Star Light, Star Bright

Ubisoft and Bungie have joined the ranks of developers and other figures in the gaming industry to raise relief funds for those affected by the Australian wildfires. If you recall, when Notre-Dame burned down, Ubisoft donated 500,000 euros toward its reconstruction. There were also images going around the internet calling out the desperate need for rebuilding the forests burning around the world, and here we are less than a year later. Ubisoft is stepping up again. Bungie is also running a campaign of their own, entirely separately.

Australian Wildfires

On Twitter, Ubisoft Australia made a statement that, while it would be nice to sell in-game items to raise money for wildfire relief, immediate action was needed. They have donated $30,000 to the Australian Red Cross and Recover Relief Fund, and are asking fans to donate as well, if they can.


On Thursday, Bungie’s Senior Foundation Manager Christine Edwards announced that they will be selling a limited edition T-shirt. This T-shirt comes with a digital emblem for Destiny 2 called Star Light, Star Bright. Half the profits from this fundraising campaign will go to WIRES (Wildlife Information, Rescue, and Educations Service) and the other half will go to NSW Rural Fire Service. Currently, there is no design available for the T-shirt, but if you are interesting in it, you can expect to see a design as soon as tomorrow. This fundraising campaign will go on from January 16th until February 18th.

In other wildfire relief/gaming news, Crytivo is also raising funds to aid the efforts in Australia by donating all their profits from their online store during January and February.

Source: Twitter and Bungie

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Bungie and Ubisoft Join the Fight Against the Australian Wildfires